Yikai Wang, UiO. Zoom-seminar: An Analytical SIR model of Epidemics and How Testing Reduces Infections

Zoom seminar. Yikai Wang is an assistant professor at the University of Oslo. He will present the paper: An Analytical SIR model of Epidemics and How Testing Reduces Infections

Photo of Yikai Wang

Yikai Wang


I modify the classic SIR model of epidemics so that the dynamics of infections can be expressed analytically as one equation and easy to understand. Important properties of disease spread can be characterized analytically. Many simulations from other SIR models suggest that large number of infections (herd immunity) cannot be avoided and short-run policies cannot reduce total infections over the epidemic. This analytical model can be used to understand under which conditions, those results are true, and more importantly, how they can be reverted under other conditions. In particular, increasing infection testing, which identify infected and reduce the contacts of those targeted group, can reduce growth of infections, total infections and even avoid herd immunity. Moreover, other temporary policies can also reduce total infections, if sufficiently many tests are conducted throughout the epidemic. 


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