Christian Moser, Columbia. "The Gender Gap: Micro Sources and Macro Consequences"

Department seminar. Christian Moser is an Assistant Professor within the Economics Division at Columbia Business School. He will present the paper: "The Gender Gap: Micro Sources and Macro Consequences". Co-authored by Iacopo Morchio.

Photo of Christian Moser

Christian Moser  


This paper studies the relation between firm heterogeneity and the gender pay gap. Using administrative linked employer-employee data from Brazil, we document three facts. First, there exists a sizable residual gender gap, both between and within firms. Second, women exhibit lower life-cycle job mobility compared to men. Third, there exist large differences in revealed preferences over employers by gender. To interpret these facts, we develop a structural equilibrium search model with several potential sources of gender-specific heterogeneity. We find that gender-specific mobility rates, employer amenities, and employer preferences each contribute significantly to the observed gender pay gap. Moving to a gender-neutral world yields significant output and welfare gains.

Full paper here (PDF)

Published Aug. 5, 2019 9:00 PM - Last modified Sep. 27, 2019 10:47 AM