Herman Kruse, UiO

Department seminar. Herman Kruse is a PhD student at Department of Economics, UiO. He will present a paper entitled "Joint Retirement in Couples Evidence of Asymmetric Complementarity in Leisure"

Photo of Herman Kruse

Herman Kruse  


This paper measures the spillover effects in joint retirement decisions within couples. A major reform of the Norwegian pension system in 2011 provides a quasiexperimental setting. Access to comprehensive register data on the entire Norwegian population from 1993-2015 allows for linking of all Norwegian married couples and precise estimation of causal effects. The results show that spousal spillovers are asymmetric. A lower bound estimate of complementarity of leisure shows that women eligible for retirement are about 16-18 percentage points more likely to postpone labor market exit if the husband postpones retirement. Spousal spillovers account for about 10-14 percent of the aggregate employment effect among women. There is no indication of men responding to their wives' work incentives.

Host: Manudeep Bhuller

Published May 31, 2019 2:28 PM - Last modified June 6, 2019 3:16 PM