PhD: Demographic consequences of migration

M.Phil. in Economics Marianne Tønnessen at Department of Economics will defend the thesis Demographic consequences of migration for the PhD-degree.

Photo: Studio Vest AS

Trial lecture - time and place

Friday, December 1, at 10.15-11.00 in Auditorium 2, Eilert Sundt's building: "Demographic consequences of migration: what can we learn from Norway for theory and future research?"

Adjudication committee

  • Professor Hill Kulu, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
  • Professor Helga A.G. de Valk, Netherlands Interdiciplinary Demographic Institute, Den Hague
  • Professor Arne Mastekaasa, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, Oslo

Chair of defence

Professor Ingjerd Hoëm, Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Social Sciences


  • Professor Øystein Kravdal, Department of Economics, University of Oslo
  • Director of Research Kjetil Telle, Statistics Norway

Additional information

Article about Tønnessen’s thesis: Demographic consequences of migration

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