Ph.d. on Immigration and the Labor Market

M.Phil. in Economics Maria Forthun Hoen at Department of Economics will defend her thesis "Three Essays on Immigration and the Labor Market" for the Ph.D-degree.

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Photo: Institute for Social Research

Digital event

This event is digital and will be available in zoom.

You can download zoom or use your browser.  Please visit our webpage for more information on digital disputation.


The master of ceremonies will invite to ex auditorio-questions.  This is possible by writing in the chat during the intermission.

Click here to join the public defence at 11:15

Trial lecture

Given topic: "On the role of education in the economic and social assimilation of immigrants".  


Adjudication committee

Chair of defence

Professor Karine Nyborg, University of Oslo


Additional information

Article about Maria Hoen’s thesis: "Three Essays on Immigration and the Labor Market" (in Norwegian)

Abstract of Maria Hoen's thesis in English.


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