PhD defense on Trade, Innovation, and Workforce Composition

M.Phil. in Economics Esther Ann Nisja Bøler at Department of Economics will defend her thesis "Four Essays on Trade, Innovation, and Workforce Composition" for the PhD degree.

Trial lecture - time and place

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 10.15 AM in Auditorium 2, Eilert Sundt's building: "The impact of globalization and technical change on wage inequality"

Adjudication Committee

  • Professor Valerie Smeets, Aarhus University
  • Professor Jakob Roland Munch, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Halvor Mehlum, Department of Economics, ESOP, University of Oslo

Chair of defence

Professor Diderik Lund, Department of Economics


  • Professor Karen Helene Ulltviet-Moe, Department of Economics, University of Oslo
  • Research Professor Erling Barth, Institute for Social Research

Additional information

Article about Esther Ann Bøler’s thesis: "Four Essays on Trade, Innovation, and Workforce Composition" (in Norwegian)

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