Symposium Program

Time and place: December 13 and 14 in "Gamle festsal", Domus Academica.

The Trygve Haavelmo Centennial Symposium

University of Oslo, Oslo 13-14 December

Tuesday December 13

0900 – 0915

Opening: Rector Ole Petter Ottersen, University of Oslo


0915 – 1100    Chair:  Nils-Henrik von der Fehr

Olav Bjerkholt: Trygve Haavelmo’s ‘econometric tour’

John Chipman: Haavelmo’s Contributions to Simultaneous-Equations Estimation

Aris Spanos: Revisiting Haavelmo’s Structural Econometrics: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Data


1115 – 1300    Chair:  Ragnar Nymoen

Rodrigo Pinto: Notes on Causality, Instrumental Variables and Essential Heterogeneity
(In connection with Pinto’s lecture, see James J. Heckman: Haavelmo, Marschak and Structural Econometrics
and J.J. Heckman: Econometric Causality)

M. Hashem Pesaran: Counterfactual Analysis in Econometrics

Duo Qin: Consolidation of the Haavelmo-Cowles Commission research programme


1300 – 1415: Lunch


1415 – 1610    Chair:  Olav Bjerkholt:

Theodore W. Anderson: Reminiscences about the Cowles Commission

John Aldrich: The Probability Approach – Continuity and Change

Kevin Hoover: On the Reception of Haavelmo’s Econometric Thought


1630 – 1740    Chair:  Jon Vislie:

Kalle Moene: Dissimilarities in Economic Evolution

Stergios Skaperdas: Guns, Lawyers and Money: Economic Consequences of Costly Conflict



Wednesday December 14

0930 – 1110    Chair:  Tore Schweder

Judea Pearl: Haavelmo and the Emergence of Causal Calculus

Marcel Boumans: Haavelmo’s Methodology of Empirical Science Outside the Laboratory

Philippe Le Gall (presented by Ariane Dupont): Economic Modeling as an Artistic Activity


1120 – 1300    Chair:  Harald Goldstein

Theodore W. Anderson: Admissible Significance Tests for Structural Equations

Erik Biørn: An econometric market model of capital and investment

Bernt P. Stigum: Unforeseen Consequences of Adopting Frisch and Haavelmo’s Vision of a Science in Economics


1300 – 1415: Lunch


1415 – 1610    Chair:  Steinar Holden

Katarina Juselius: VAR Modeling and Haavelmo’s Probability Approach to Econometrics

Christopher Sims: Rejuvenating Haavelmo's Research Program with a Bayesian Perspective on Inference

Ragnar Nymoen: Overdeterminacy and Endogenous Cycles: Trygve Haavelmo’s Business Cycle Model


1620 – 1800    Chair: Finn Førsund

Sheetal Chand: The Relevance of Haavelmo’s Macroeconomic Theorizing for Contemporary Macro Policy Making

Niels Kærgård: Haavelmo in Denmark

Michael Hoel: Haavelmo on the Climate Issue

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