Taxes on the internet: Deterrence effects of public disclosure

Erlend E. Bø, Joel Slemrod, and Thor O. Thoresen

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Photo: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

Published in:

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 2015 7 (1) pp. 36–62

DOI: 10.1257/pol.20130330

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Although Norway has a long tradition of public disclosure of tax filings, starting in 2001 anyone with Internet access could obtain individual information on income and income taxes paid. We examine the effect on income reporting of this change in the degree of public disclosure, making use of the fact that prior to 2001, in some municipalities, tax information was distributed widely through locally produced paper catalogs. We find an approximately 3 percent higher average increase in reported income among business owners living in areas where the switch to Internet disclosure represented a large change in access.

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