ECON9620- Income Taxation and Beyond - By Professor Laurence Jacquet

This course is organised by Oslo Fiscal Studies (OFS).

Please visit the course page to register for the course within August 31. 2016.

About the course

This course mainly focuses on optimal taxation. In the first topic, we will investigate the optimal taxation of labor income when workers take their labor supply decisions along the intensive margin, the extensive margin and both margins simultaneously. In the second topic, we study how the outcomes are affected when individuals differ along several dimensions of heterogeneity rather than skills only. Our analysis will rely on both a structural approach and a sufficient statistics approach. In the fourth topic, we will relax the assumption of perfect labor market and introduce involuntary unemployment. In the fourth topic, we broaden the standard social welfare function framework used in optimal taxation to fairness principles such as equality of opportunity. In the fifth topic, we study the relevance of commodity taxation and dynamic issues will be at the hearth of the last topic which will be on the taxation of capital.

By the end of the course, students should have a good knowledge of the main theoretical results in optimal taxation and of their corresponding intuitions. They should be able to apply this knowledge to a broad range of policy issues. Finally, they should understand the structure of the academic literature on the topic, which should allow them to locate the research frontier on some important issues in taxation.

The reading list for this course can be downloaded here (pdf).

See schedule for teaching times and place

How to get there

The course takes place at the Department of Economics.

Subway: Take line 4 (Storo), line 4 (Ringen) or line 6 (Sognsvann) westbound, to Forskningsparken.  When you leave the train, you'll go straight ahead passing to the left of one tall building and directly towards another 12 floor building (Eilert Sundts hus B), where the Department is located in the 12th floor.  Building # 10 on the map.

Tram: Take line 17 or 18 towards Rikshospitalet, and get off at the stop called "Universitetet Blindern".  The Department is located in the first tall building to the left.


The participants will have to arrange for accommodation for themselves.  Here are some links that may be helpful:

Financial support for Nordic students and students at Nordic institutions will be available thanks to a grant from the Nordic Tax Research Council. Depending on the number of participants we expect to be able to reimburse each Nordic student with up to 4000-6000 NOK for accommodation and flight tickets. We will however only cover two nights accommodation (maximum cost: 1000 NOK per night) and low fare within-Europe flight tickets. Nordic students and students at Nordic institutions will receive an email with information about the reimbursement after August 31st.


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