OFS Workshop: Big Brother, Sugar, and Wealth

OFS is hosting a half-day workshop on taxation on December 8th 2020. The workshop is open for everyone and aimed at both researchers and policy makers. The event will be on Zoom.

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To sign up for the event, follow the link below and fill out the form:

Link to registration

Once you have signed up you will receive an email with a link to the Zoom-meeting.


20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes general discussion

08:45 Coffee

Sugar Tax

The effect of sin taxes – distribution and consumption patterns

- Tyra Merker, PhD Student, Department of Economics/OFS

Public Disclosure of Taxes

Public Disclosure of Tax Information: Compliance Tool or Social Network?

(Daniel Reck, Joel Slemrod and Trine Vattø)

-Trine Engh Vattø, Researcher, SSB
10:00 Coffee Break

Wealth Tax

- Simen Markussen, Senior Research Fellow, the Frisch Centre

Marginal Cost of Public Funds

- Katinka Holtsmark, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics/OFS

Tax Auditing

Do Think Twice, it´s Alright: Effects and Mechanisms of Tax Enforcement Policies

(Andreas Kotsadam, Knut Løyland, Oddbjørn Raaum, Gaute Torsvik and Arnstein Øvrum)

- Gaute Torsvik, Scientific Leader OFS/Professor, Department of Economics
12:00 Lunch (depending on the Covid situation)

Funded by the Research Council of Norway

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