The 2nd Joint IZA/Statistics Norway/OFS Tax Policy Workshop

If interested, please contact Thor O. Thoresen or Trine Vattø.

Day 1. Labor supply modeling


9.30-9.40      Opening


9.40-10.30    Steinar Strøm (Frisch Centre/University of Turin): 

                     From Linear Labor Supply to Discrete Choice Economics

                     with Market Constraints, and Beyond


10.30-11.15   Max Loeffler (IZA):

                      Discrete Choice Labor Supply Models and Wage Exogeneity


11.15-11.45    Break


11.45-12.45    (Staff seminar, OFS/Statistics Norway) Andreas Peichl (IZA):

                        Unequal by Marriage? A Copula-Based Decomposition for the US


12.45-14.00     Lunch


14.00-14.45    John Dagsvik:

                       Latent Job Choice Labor Supply with Unobserved Wage

                       Heterogeneity across Individuals and Jobs


14.45-15.30    Karina Doorley (IZA):

                       Putting Structure on the RD Design: Social Transfers and

                       Youth Inactivity in France


15.30-15.45    Break


15.45-16.30    Trine Vattø (SSB):

                       Female Labor Supply Persistence and Adjustment to Tax Changes.

                       Evidence from an Intertemporal Job Choice Model


19.00               Dinner



Day 2. Tax policy


9.30-10.15     Mathias Dolls (IZA):

                      Partisan Tax Policy and Income Inequality in the U.S., 1979-2007


10.15-11.00   Andreas Fagereng (SSB):

                      Income Taxes as Automatic Stabilization after the Norwegian 2006

                      Tax Reform


11.00-11.15   Break


11.15-12.00   Thor O. Thoresen (SSB):

                      Distributional Benchmarking in Tax Policy Evaluations


12.00-13.00   Lunch


13.00-13.45   Eric Sommer (IZA):

                      Shifting Taxes from Labor to Consumption: Efficient, but Regressive?


13.45-14.30   Elin Halvorsen (SSB):

                      Frictions and Reciprocal Altruism: Why the Carnegie Effect is



14.30-14.45   Break


14.45-15.30   Sebastian Siegloch (IZA):

                      Wage Incidence of Local Corporate Taxation - Micro Evidence from



15.30             Closing

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