Memoranda 1999

by Knut Røed:
Relative Unemployment Rates and Skill-Biased Technological Change. 26 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Finn R. Førsund:
Modelling Transboundary Air Pollution: The Rains Model Approach.29 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Christian Brinch:
Statistical Discrimination and the Returns to Human Capital and Credentials. 28 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Halvor Mehlum, Karl Ove Moene and Ragnar Torvik:
Crime Induced Poverty Traps. 19 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Ove Wolfgang:
Reflections on Abatement Modelling. 30 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Jon Strand:
Effects of Progressive Taxes under Decentralized Bargaining and Heterogeneous Labor. 28 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Espen Erlandsen and Finn R. Førsund:
Efficiency in the Provision of Municipal Nursing- and Home-Care Services:
The Norwegian Experience. 28 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Geir B. Asheim:
Proper Consistency. 21 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Geir B. Asheim:
On the Epistemic Foundation for Backward Induction. 26 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Jon Strand:
Labor unions versus individualized bargaining with heterogeneous labor. 36 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Jon Vislie: The role of foreign ownership in domestic environmental regulation under asymmetric infortmation. 19 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Erik Biørn:
Random Coefficients in Regression Equation Systems: The case with unbalanced panel data. 19 p
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Gunnar Bårdsen, Eilev S. Jansen and Ragnar Nymoen:
Econometric inflation targeting. 38 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Sheetal K. Chand and Karl Ove Moene:
Rent Grabbing and Russia's Economic Collapse. 35 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Rolf Golombek and Espen R. Moen:
Do Voluntary Agreements Lead to Cost Efficiency? 45 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Atle Seierstad:
Necessary conditions involving generalized directional derivatives for optimal control of nonsmooth retarded Volterra integral equations in Banach space. 68 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein:
Inequality, Social Insurance and Redistribution. 38 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Kai Leitemo:
Inflation Targeting Strategies in Small Open Economies. 42 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Erik Biørn:
Estimating Regession Systems from Unbalanced Panel Data:
A Stepwise Maximum Liklihood Procedure. 18 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Knut Røed and Steinar Strøm:
Progressiv Taxes and the Labour Market
- Is the Trade-Off between Equality and Efficiency Inevitable? 37 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Erik Hernæs:
Fewer in Number but Harder to Employ:
Incidence and Duration of Unemployment in an Economic Upswing. 28 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Erik Hernæs, Marte Sollie and Steinar Strøm:
Early Retirement and Economic Incentives. 27 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Oddbjørn Raaum and Tom Erik Aabø:
The effect of schooling on earnings: The role of family background studied by a large sample of Norwegian twins. 33 p.
ISSN 0801-1117

by T. Hægeland, T.J. Klette and K.G. Salvanes (1999):
Declining returns to education in Norway? Comparing estimates across chorts, sectors and over time. 21 p.
ISSN 0801-1117

by Knut Røed and Tao Zhang:
Unemployment Duration in a Non-Stationary Macroeconomic Environment. 32 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Tor Jakob Klette, Jarle Møen and Zvi Griliches:
Do subsidies to commercial R&D reduce market failures?
Microeconometric evaluation studies. 37 p.
ISSN 0801-1117

by Steinar Holden:
Wage setting under different Monetary regimes. 40 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by F.R. Førsund and Kjell Ove Kalhagen:
Efficiency and Productivity of Norwegian Colleges. 38 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Asbjørn Rødseth & Ragnar Nymoen:
Nordic Wage Formation and Unemployment seven years later. 53 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Sverre A.C. Kittelsen:
Monte Carlo Simulations of DEA Efficiency Measures and Hypothesis Tests. 61 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Geir B. Asheim:
Wolfgang Buchholz and Bertil Tungodden: Justifying Sustainability. 24 p.
ISSN: 0801-1117

by Knut Røed and Tao Zhang:
What hides behind the rate of unemployment? Micro evidence from Norway. 39 p.
ISSN 0801-1117

by Tone Ognedal:
Should the standard of evidence be reduced for white collar crimes? 27 p.
ISSN 0801-1117

by Eivind Bjøntegård:
The Composite Mean Regression as a Tool in Production Studies. 9 p.
ISSN 0801-1117.

by Kai Leitemo and Øistein Røisland:
Effects on the Traded and Non-Traded Sectors. 39 p.
ISSN 0801-1117.


by Steinar Strøm:
The Economics of Screening Programs. 8 p.
ISSN 0801-1117.

by Pedro P. Barros and Tore Nilssen:
Industrial Policy and Firm Heterogeneity. 18 p.
ISSN 0801-1117.

by B. Gabriela Mundaca and Jon Strand:
Speculative attacs in the exchange market with a band policy: A sequential game analysis. 45 p.
ISSN 0801-1117.


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