Memoranda 1998

January by Øyvind Eitrheim, Tore Anders Husebø and Ragnar Nymoen:
Error-correction versus Differencing in Macroeconometric Forecasting. 34 p.
ISBN 82-570-9162-6
02/1998 January by Pål Longva and Oddbjørn Raaum:
Unemployment and Relative Earnings of Immigrants 43 p.
ISBN 82-570-9163-4
03/1998 January by Øystein Kravdal:
Social Inequalities in Cancer Survival 59 p.
ISBN 82-570-9164-2

January by Steinar Holden:
Wage Drift and the Relevance of Centralised Wage Setting. 39p.
ISBN 82-570-9165-0

January by Nils-Henrik von der Fehr and David Harbord:
Competition in Electricity Spot Markets. Economic Theory and International Experience. 66 p.
ISBN 82-570-9166-9

January by Yngve Willassen:
Deriving Bounds on the Structural Vector when the Measurement Errors are Correlated:
An elaboration of the Frisch/Reiersøl Approach. 24 p. 82-570-9167-7

January by Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr and Christian Riis:
Option Values in Sequential Markets. 34 p.
ISBN 82-570-9168-5

February by Geir B. Asheim:
Green National Accounting: Why and How? 33 p.
ISBN 82-570-9169-3


February by Fridrik M. Baldursson and Nils-Henrik M. von er Fehr:
Prices vs Quantities:
The Irrelevance of Irreversibility. 39 p.
ISBN 82-570-9170-7

May by Kåre N. Edvardsen:
Ragnar Frisch:
An annotated bibliography. 234 p.
ISBN 82-570-9171-5

May by John K. Dagsvik:
On the Structure of Behavioral Multistate Duration Models. 46 p.
ISBN 82-570-9172-3


Torben M. Andersen and Steinar Holden:
Business Cycles and Fiscal Policy in an Open Economy. 38 p.
ISBN 82-570-9173-1

May by Dag Morten Dalen, Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr and Espen R. Moen:
Regulation and Wage Bargaining.
ISBN 82-570-9175-8

May by Strand, Jon:
Wage Bargaining and Turnover Costs with Heterogeneous Labor:
The no-screening Case. 29 p.
ISBN 82-570-9150-6



May by Tor Jakob Klette:
Market Power, Scale Economies and Productivity:
Estimates from a Panel of Establishment Data. 38 p.
ISBN 82-570-9177-4 .

May by Tor Jakob Klette and Jarle Møen:
From Growth Theory to Technology Policy - Coordination Problems in Theory and Practice. 32 p.
ISBN 82-570-9178-2

June by Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino, Steinar Strøm and Tom Wennemo:
Evaluating Alternative Tax Reforms in Italy with a Model of Joint Labor Supply of Married Couples. 27 p.
ISBN 82-570-9179-0

June by Rolf Aaberge, Ugo Colombino and Steinar Strøm:
Labor Supply Responses and Welfare Effects from Replacing Current Tax Rules by a Flat Tax: Empirical Evidence from Italy, Norway and Sweden. 35 p.
ISBN 82-570-9150-4

June by Erik Biørn:
Panel Data with Measurement Errors: Instrumental Variables and GMM Procedures Combining Levels and Differences. 42 p.
ISBN 82-570-9181-2

August by Hilde E. Halvorsen and Diderik Lund: Rent Taxation when Cost Transfers are Possible, but Costly. 26 p.
ISBN 82-570-9182-0

August by Jon Strand:
Water Pricing in Honduras: A Political Economy Analysis. 41 p.
ISBN 82-570-9183-9

August by Jon Strand:
Bargaining Versus Efficiency Wages in A Dynamic Labor Market. A Synthesis. 37 p.
ISBN 82-570-9184-7

August by Tor Jakob Klette and Zvi Griliches:
Empirical Patterns of Firm Growth and R&D Investment:
A Quality Ladder Model Interpretation. 32 p.
ISBN 82-570-9185-5

October by Torbjoern Haegeland and Tor Jakob Klette:
Do Higher Wages Reflect Higher Productivity? Education, Gender and Experience Premiums in a Matched Plant-Worker Data Set. 37 p.
ISBN 82-570-9186-3z

October by Karl Ove Moene and Michael Wallerstein:
Inequality and Redistribution. 41 p.
ISBN 82-570-9187-1

Oktober by Steinar Holden and Karl Ove Moene:
Measures to improve Wage Formation in Sweden. 28 p.
ISBN 82-570-9189-8

October by Frode Johansen and Tor Jakob Klette:
Wage and Employment Effects of Payroll Taxes and Investment Subsidies. 27 p.
ISBN 82-570-9190-1

October by Hilde Bojer:
Equivalence Scales and Intra-household Distribution. 12 p.
ISBN 82-570-9192-8


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