Yngve Willassen

Professor Emeritus - Department of Economics
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Phone +47-22844303
Room ES 1102
Visiting address Eilert Sundts hus building B Moltke Moes vei 31 0851 Oslo
Postal address P.O.Box 1095 Blindern 0317 Oslo
Tags: Economics


  • Willassen, Yngve (2004). On the economics of the optimal fallow-cultivation cycle. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.  ISSN 0165-1889.  28, s 1541- 1556
  • Willassen, Yngve (2000). Intervju med Olav Reiersøl. Tilfeldig gang.  ISSN 0803-8953.  17(3), s 34- 46 Show summary
  • Willassen, Yngve (1999). The ET Interview: Professor Olav Reiersøl. Econometric Theory.  ISSN 0266-4666.
  • Willassen, Yngve (1998). The stochastic rotation problem: A generalization of Faustmann's formula to stochastic forest growth. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.  ISSN 0165-1889.

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  • Willassen, Yngve (2001). On the Economics of the Optimal Fallow-Cultivation Cycle.
  • Willassen, Yngve (2001). On the Stochastic Rotation Problem in Forestry.
  • Willassen, Yngve (1998). Deriving bounds on the structural vector when the measurement errors are correlated: An elaboration of the Frisch/Reiersøl approach.

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