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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Frikk Nesje Nesje, Frikk Research Fellow +47 22855259 Economics, Political Economics, Resources Energy and Environment
Picture of Tore  Nilssen Nilssen, Tore Professor +47 22854936 Industry Market and Competition, Economic Policy, Economics, Behaviour Information and Strategy, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Karine Nyborg Nyborg, Karine Professor +47-22857283 Economics, Resources Energy and Environment, Income Employment and Welfare, Behaviour Information and Strategy, Economic Policy
Picture of Ragnar Nymoen Nymoen, Ragnar Professor +47-22855148 +97970248 Economics, Econometrics
Picture of Tone  Ognedal Ognedal, Tone Associate Professor +47 22855131 Industry Market and Competition, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy
Picture of Helene Onshuus Onshuus, Helene Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854484 Economics, Macroeconomics, Housing market, Debt
Picture of Andrea Papini Papini, Andrea +47-22844344 Economics, Economic Policy
Picture of Anna Pauls Pauls, Anna Doctoral Research Fellow Resources Energy and Environment, Game theory, Behavioral Economics, Economics, International Economics
Picture of Paolo Giovanni  Piacquadio Piacquadio , Paolo Giovanni Associate Professor Economics, Income Employment and Welfare, Resources Energy and Environment, Economic Policy, Behaviour Information and Strategy, Growth and Development
Picture of Asbjørn Rødseth Rødseth, Asbjørn +47-22855133 +47-91525892 Money Credit and Finance, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Tore  Schweder Schweder, Tore Professor Emeritus +47-22844303 Economics, Econometrics
Picture of Atle  Seiserstad Seiserstad, Atle Professor Emeritus +47-22857914 Economics
Picture of Arina Shadrikova Shadrikova, Arina Administrative Manager +47-22854245 Research Support, External funding, Norwegian Centre of Excellence
Picture of Bernt Stigum Stigum, Bernt Professor Emeritus 22855146 Econometrics, Economics
Picture of Kjetil Storesletten Storesletten, Kjetil Professor - Department of Economics +47-22844009 Economics, Money Credit and Finance, Growth and Development, Income Employment and Welfare, Economic Policy, China
Picture of Jon Strand Strand, Jon Professor +47-22845940 Economics, Climate Policy, Water economics, Natural resources
Picture of Arne  Strøm Strøm, Arne Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22844303 +47-91138289 Economics
Strøm, Steinar Professor Emeritus Economics
Stubhaug, Magnus Eliasson Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Thor Olav Thoresen Thoresen, Thor Olav Researcher +47-22844345 98649213 +47 986 49 213 Economics, Economic Policy
Picture of Gaute Torsvik Torsvik, Gaute Professor +47-22857434 Income Employment and Welfare, Economics, Economic Policy
Picture of Christian Traeger Traeger, Christian Professor +47-22855137
Picture of Karen Helene  Ulltveit-Moe Ulltveit-Moe, Karen Helene Professor +47 22 85 72 40 International Economy, Industry Market and Competition, Growth and Development, Political Economics, Economic Policy, Economics, Income Employment and Welfare
Picture of Gianluca Violante Violante, Gianluca Professor II
Picture of Jon Vislie Vislie, Jon Professor +47-22855117 Economics, Economic Policy