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Programme committee

The Programme committee is responsible for running and developing the study programmes in Economics. The Head of Department appoints Programme heads and members of the Programme committee. The committee consists of 7 members, of which 2 are student representatives. The committe meets 5-6 times per year.

Members of the Programme committee in Economics in the period 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2019:


Name e-mail
Steinar Holden (leader)
Tone Ognedal (bachelor)
Ragnar Nymoen (master)
Tore Nilssen (PhD)

Student representatives:

Deisy Katherin Cabezas Pilaca

Oliver Groth Pettersen
Sondre Engebrethsen

Present from the administration.

Kristina Huglen
Mari Strønstad Øverås
Sofie Kjernli-Wijnen
Marte Emilie Engebretsen


Tone Enger