The Ragnar Frisch Archive



Box 19. Published Scientific works.


The archive file on published scientific works displays the content of the files kept on the various published works. The content of the files vary from just comprising the original published work as book, journal issue or reprint to comprise also manuscript and drafts. The files will often contain editorial correspondence and sometimes additional material, letters etc.  that may shed a more comprehensive light on the content of the publication. The references system for Frisch publication used in the list, as RF19xx with appended letter, is the same as in the web list of published scientific works. Not all Frisch publications have a corresponding archive file. 


Box 19 file


Box 20: Lectures and other manuscripts.


Box 20 comprises complete manuscripts or notes for lectures given by Ragnar Frisch, both in academic and more popular settings. Furthermore, it contains unpublished manuscripts of various kinds. Some of these may be related to published work. The entries in Box 20 are identified as MS19yy-n, references to published works are given as RF19yy, subindexed by letters.


Box 20 file


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