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Makrodynamikk      Lecture Notes now available as a pdf

These notes were put together between 1933 and 1934. Of great importance, on page 22 of the pdf file, or  section 8506 we find the first use in any language of the term “microeconomic and macroeconomic “ points of view [mikroøkonomisk og makroøkonomisk synspukt].

Jan 07, 2010

Statistical confluence analysis Now available as a pdf file

Statistical confluence analysis by means of complete regression systems, Memorandum from the University of Oslo.

Jan 07, 2010

New methods of measuring marginal utility, Now Available on pdf.

New methods of measuring marginal utility, Tübingen, Verlag von J. C. B.Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 142 pp. Reissued as RF1978a and Italian translation RF1937g

Jan 07, 2010

Master Thesis on Ragnar Frisch’s RF1933i  (Propagation Problems and Impulse Problems in Dynamic Economics)

The Rocking Horse Reloaded .Written by Ricardo Duqueas a Master Thesis for the two-year Master’s Degree in Environmental and development Economics. University of Oslo. November 2009

Dec 24, 2009

PhD dissertation about Ragnar Frisch now available

The PhD dissertation by Ariane Dupont-Kieffer: “Ragnar Frisch et ‘économétrie: L’invention de modèles et d’instruments à des find normatives”, from Université Paris 1 – Panthéon – Sorbonne, is the latest and perhaps most comoprehensive treatment of Ragnar Frisch’s work in a PhD dissertation.

Nov 23, 2009


The Poincaré Lectures finally published

Ragnar Frisch was in 1932 invited by the Henri Poincaré Institute in Paris to give a series of lectures. The lectures were given in March-April 1933 under the title Problèmes et Méthodes de l’Econométrie. The lectures were finally published in 2009 by Routledge in English translation as Problems and Methods of Econometrics, with a foreword by Paul Samuelson.

Nov 03, 2009

Sur un Probléme d’Economie Pureavailable on web

Ragnar Frisch’s first essay in economics, published in French in a Norwegian mathematical journal is famous in the history of econometrics for its first sentence which introduced the term économetrie (econometrics) for the first time in print. The rather long essay also offered a pioneering effort at axiomatization in economics and a bold attempt at estimating marginal utility.

 Sur un Probléme d’Economie Pure link here

Oct 29, 2009


Frisch Correspondence

The correspondence of Ragnar Frischincluding Econometrica editorial correspondence 1932-54 is kept at the National Library of Norway. Frisch kept in touch with a wide range of people worldwide.  He exchanged letters with many of the future Nobel Laureates, with other famous economists like Paul Douglas,  François Divisia, Irving Fisher,  Gottfried Haberler, Eli Hecksher, Hendrik Houthakker, Michaľ Kalecki,  John Maynard Keynes, Frank Knight, Erik Lindahl, Erik Lundberg, Jacob Marschak, Wesley Mitchell, Oskar Morgenstern, Vasilij Nemchinov, François Perroux, Joan Robinson, Paul Rosenstein-Rodan, Jacques Rueff,  Erich Schneider, Henry Schultz, Joseph Schumpeter, Heinrich von Stackelberg, Piero Sraffa, Frank Taussig, Henri Theil, Pieter de Wolff, Allyn Young and Frederik Zeuthen;  statisticians L. von Bortkiewicz, Georges Darmois, Ronald Fisher, Corrado Gini, Harold Hotelling, Maurice Kendall, Prasanat Mahalanobis, Egon Pearson, Karl Pearson,  Leonard Savage, Eugen Slutsky, Louis Thurstone, Leo Törnqvist, Harald Westergaard, Samuel Wilks, Edwin B. Wilson, Herman Wold, George Udny Yule and Arnold Zellner; and matematicians Charles Cobb, Maurice Fréchet, Karl Menger, Thorald Skolem, John Von Neumann and Norbert Wiener;  even state leaders like Indira Gandhi, Einar Gerhardsen,  Gamal Abd-al Nasser, Jawaharlal Nehru and Andreas Papandreou; and many more. The complete list of correspondents with time range and number of letters is now made available


Oct 29, 2009


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