Right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe: the RTV dataset

The RTV dataset documents right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe since 1990. Each event has been coded on a range of variables, including time and location, perpetrator and victim characteristics, organizational affiliations, weapon types, and number of casualties.

The dataset includes only the most severe types of events. In particular, the dataset should include all fatal events, which may therefore be used to analyse variation over time and between countries.

About the dataset

  • Inclusion criteria
  • Sources
  • Representativeness

RTV Trend report

  • The RTV dataset now includes 757 events
  • 205 events had a fatal outcome, and 326 people have been killed through right-wing terrorism and violence between 1990 and 2018 in Western Europe
  • The 2016-2018 period continues several existing trends

Access to the full version

Access to the full version of the RTV dataset, including all corresponding sources, can be obtained by researchers upon application to C-REX.

Open access

A limited version of the RTV dataset is freely available for download for the public.


International Expert Network

List of the country experts reporting to the RTV dataset

How to cite the dataset?

Ravndal, Jacob Aasland, “Right-wing terrorism and violence in Western Europe: Introducing the RTV dataset”, Perspectives on Terrorism 10, no. 3 (June 2016).

Feedback on the dataset?

Feedback, new information and relevant links may be submitted through an online form. To provide new information about already registered events, please refer to the event’s “caseID” (first variable in the dataset).

When suggesting a new event to be included in the dataset, please consider the listed inclusion criteria in the code book, and attach or link the documentation of the event.