CasaPound Italia: ‘Back to Believing. The Struggle Continues’

By Elisabetta Cassina Wolff

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This article aims to be a contribution to the ongoing debate among scholars concerning the question whether recently formed right-wing radical parties represent a new phenomenon and a break with the fascist tradition or whether they remain close to a fascist ideology. The author focuses on a specific national radical right-wing party: CasaPound Italia (cpi), founded at the beginning of this century, which declares itself to be ‘fascist’.

While existing research insists on the intervention of external factors such as the economic crisis of 2008 in order to explain a new ‘wave’ of right-wing radicalism in Italy, this article will show the constant evolving of right-wing radical discourse over a longer historical period. The analysis will mainly delve into the ideological and political role played by three leading exponents of the Italian and European radical right: Pino Rauti, Roberto Fiore and Gabriele Adinolfi. Through a narrative style, and using a historical approach and qualitative analysis, this paper argues that their experiences represent the roots and sources for Gianluca Iannone’s project with cpi.

Keywords: Italy; neo-fascism; CasaPound Italia ; Centro Studi Ordine Nuovo ; Movimento Sociale-Fiamma Tricolore ; Terza Posizione ; Forza Nuova ; Centro Studi Orientamenti e Ricerca ; Sinergie Europee

Wolff, E.C. (2019), CasaPound Italia: ‘Back to Believing. The Struggle Continues’, Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies, vol 8, issue 1


Published Aug. 21, 2019 10:07 AM - Last modified Aug. 21, 2019 10:09 AM