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Milan Obaidi is an Assistant Professor (Postdoctoral Fellow) at C-Rex, University of Oslo. Milan holds a Bachelor of psychology from Aalborg University, and a Master of psychology from Copenhagen University. During his Master’s studies he was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard University, department of psychology. Further, Milan holds a Master of Research and a PhD in Political and Social Sciences (2016) from the European University Institute under supervision of Professor Olivier Roy and Professor James Sidanius. Moreover, during his PhD, and postdoc he had various research stays at leading labs on intergroup relations at Harvard and Yale working with Professor James Sidanius and Professor John F. Dovidio. Prior to his current position at C-Rex Milan was a Sasakawa postdoctoral researcher at Uppsala University at department of psychology working with Associate Professor Nazar Akrami.

In addition to his Assistant Professorship at C-Rex, Milan holds a part-time teaching position at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, where he teaches social and cultural psychology courses to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Moreover, in collaboration with Associate Professor Jonas R. Kunst, he leads the Culture, Society and Behavior research lab (

Milan is a Danish citizen, and was born in Afghanistan. He moved to Denmark at the age of 17. Milan speaks and writes Danish and understand Norwegian.

Research profile

Milan’s academic background and research profile intersects social-, personality-, political-psychology, and political science. His research interests include themes of globalization and migration, identity, intergroup and intercultural relations, prejudice and discrimination, social inequality, deprivation and political attitudes and extremism. In his work he explores the social psychological and personality factors that contribute to the motivations behind the radicalisation of some Muslim and Non-Muslim Westerns. In particular, he investigates the extent to which individual psychological needs, feelings and motives pertaining to the management of deprivation, victimisation, uncertainty, group threat, and injustice are related to Muslim and Non-Muslim Westerns’ attitudes towards committing and supporting violence in Europe.  In addition to theoretical work, Milan currently addresses these research topics using a combination of methods, including questionnaires, large-scale random-sample surveys, longitudinal, vignette and priming experiments, and qualitative interviews.

Research interest

  • Islamist and Right-wing extremism
  • Intergroup Relations
  • Migration
  • Identity and group processes
  • Prejudice, discrimination and deprivation
  • Social, Personality, Cultural and Political Psychology


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