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Postal address P.O. Box 1097 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

Thematic: Political Anthropology, the Far Right, Nationalism, Migration, Borders, Racism and Racialization, Ideology and Identity

Regional: Europe, Israel, Middle East 

Languages spoken: English, Norwegian, Hebrew, Arabic, German 


Dr. Cathrine Thorleifsson (b. 1982) is a Researcher at the Centre for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo. Cathrine holds a PhD in Anthropology from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2012). Her chief theoretical interests lie in anthropological approaches to the study of nationalism and the far (populist, radical and extreme) right.

Cathrine's doctoral research was based on two-years fieldwork in an Israeli border town amongst Jews decending from Arab and Muslim lands and supporters of radical right parties. She used the dynamics at play along the border to develop wider conclusions about the shifting nature of ethno-nationalism and identity categories, and the ways in which they are used and understood in practice. 

Pursuing her interest in theories of nationalism, she joined the Department of Social Anthropology at University of Oslo as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the ERC-funded Overheating: The Three Crises of Globalisation led by Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen. Her research examined the local drivers and character of populist nationalism. Based on multi-sited ethnograhic fieldwork amongst the supporters of radical right parties in the United Kingdom, Norway and Hungary, the project explored how different material conditions, cultural contexts and history shape identification, discourse and practice. 

Joining C-REX since its establishment in 2016, Cathrine is pursuing her long-standing interest in the drivers and dynamics of far right politics She is managing Rebordering- a project that explores the gendered processes of recruitment and belonging offered by far right parties and neofascist movements online and offline. She is a member of Intersect- exploring the multiple and intersecting ways in which antisemitic and anti-Muslim imaginaries are transnationally produced and propagated in far right digital sub-cultures. 

Cathrine has studied Arabic at the University of Damascus in Syria, Hebrew at the University of Haifa in Israel and speaks Hebrew and Arabic. She has previously been a visiting scholar at The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies (2011). She holds a MSc in Anthropology & Development from The London School of Economics. 

In addition to her academic pursuits, Cathrine has worked for the United Nations Development Programme in Syria (2005) and carried out consultancy work for the World Bank, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission.

Cathrine regularly provides expert analysis to policy communities as well as print and broadcast media. 

Cathrine was born in Washington D.C. She has lived in the United States, the United Kingdom, Syria, Israel and Norway.   

Tags: Political Anthropology, the Far Right, Nationalism, Identity and Ideology, Migration, Borders, Globalisation, Europe, Middle East, Israel



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Book Chapter

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Peer Reviewed Journal Article

Thorleifsson, Cathrine (2021) From Cyberfascism to Terrorism: on Chan Culture and the Production of Memetic Violence. Nations and Nationalism. Forthcoming

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Non-refereed Journal Article

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Popular Article

Thorleifsson, Cathrine (2021) Creeping Fascism in America. Right Now, 14 January. 

Thorleifsson, Cathrine (2020) Quarantining Hungarian democracy. Right Now, 3 April.

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Book Review

Thorleifsson, Cathrine (2018) Review of Lions of the North: sounds of the new Nordic radical nationalism, by Jonathan Teitelbaum, Nations and Nationalism. Volume 24, Issue 2.

Thorleifsson, Cathrine (2015) Review of Dilemmas of Attachment- Identity and Belonging among Palestinian Christians, by Bård Kårtveit, Norsk Antropologisk Tidsskrift , Volume 26.(3-4): 310-311

Thorleifsson, Cathrine Moe (2012) Not The Enemy: Israel’s Jews from Arab Lands, by Rachel Shabi, The Journal of Modern Jewish Studies. Routledge, Volume 27, Issue 1








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