Rune Ellefsen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Rune Ellefsen is a postdoctoral fellow in the research project Radicalization and Resistance at the Department of Criminology and Sociology of Law, University of Oslo.

Ellefsen has in recent years researched the policing of transgressive and militant protest movements, politically motivated crimes and political violence. He has examined the policing of these phenomena in relation to the development of new policies and practices to “prevent radicalization and violent extremism” in Norway, Sweden and England. Ellefsen often combines analytical perspectives from the scholarly areas of social movements, plural policing and political violence.

Ellefsen is currently also working on qualitative research about young people’s experiences of and reactions to religious and ethnic discrimination in Norway.

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Published Sep. 25, 2018 5:54 PM - Last modified May 3, 2021 6:12 PM