Cato Hemmingby


Dr. Cato Y. Hemmingby is affiliated researcher at the Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), University of Oslo. From 2012 to 2020 he was research fellow at the Norwegian Police University College, focusing on extremism, terrorism, operational police response, societal security and intelligence. He successfully defended his phd-thesis Terrorists and Targets - a relationship founded on bad intentions, limited capacities and risk willingness at the University of Stavanger in 2019. The thesis introduces a theoretical approach for analysing terrorists' target selection processes, and provides an in-depth analysis of Anders Behring Breivik and the 22 July 2011 attacks in Norway, and the targeting preferences of militant Islamists operating in Western Europe (1994 to 2016). More recently, Hemmingby has devoted time to concepts related to the protection of public area, rapid police response, intelligence and national counterterrorism strategies. He has contributed to a number of boards, working groups and projects, and participated in the core group developing the current Norwegian national counterterrorism strategy (Ministry of Justice and Societal Security, 2021).  

Dr. Hemmingby has also long experience from working on protective security, risk analysis, security management and projects in government service. His academic background is from Middle East studies with Modern Hebrew, including an educational stay at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His master thesis was titled Modern Hebrew Conflict and Military Terminology - The Language of the Israel Defense Forces. He has additional education from the University of St Andrews (terrorism), and the Norwegian Defence University College (intelligence, politics and society). In 2014 he was guest researcher at John Jay College of Criminal Science in New York.

Dr. Cato Y. Hemmingby has published a number of books, articles and debate inputs within his areas of interest. He regularly contributes with comments and expert analysis in national and international media on terrorism, operational policing, Israel and the Middle East conflict.

Academic interests

Thematic: Terrorism and CT-strategies, modus operandi, police response, intelligence, societal security, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the Middle East conflict, antisemitism, Judaism

Regional: Europe, Israel, Middle East

Languages: Norwegian, Hebrew, English, German

Ongoing projects

In the final phase of finishing a book related to terrorism and the societal response.

Tags: Terrorism, modus operandi, CT-strategies, policing, intelligence, societal security, Israel, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Hebrew, antisemitism, the Middle East

Selected publications

Hemmingby, Haugom, Pedersen (2021). Analysing with artificial intelligence, in

Intelligence Analysis in the Digital Age, (Stenslie, Haugom & Vaage, ed.), Routledge

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intentions, limited capacities and risk willingness. PhD thesis no. 471, University of Stavanger.

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i Etterretningsanalyse i den digitale tid (Stenslie, Haugom & Vaage, red.)

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