Special issue on Gender and Far right

New special issue of the journal Politics, Religion & Ideology, co-edited by Katrine Fangen and Inger Skjelsbæk.

Debates about, as well as changes in, gender norms and gender policies have great potential for political mobilization: they encircle social and political developments as movements towards societal stabilization – or its opposite, destabilization. The centrality of gendered arguments and gendered policies to the far right has become increasingly clear. In this special issue, we present four articles that analyse the importance of gender for the far right. They are written from four very different angles, but all show how gender and the far right can be studied, as well as the kinds of insights that such studies might yield.

Politics, Religion & Ideology, Volume 21, Issue 4 (2020) - Special Issue on Gender and the Far Right

Published Feb. 4, 2021 8:46 PM - Last modified Feb. 5, 2021 3:38 PM