Gender and extremism lectures of Blee and Kimmel online

The excellent lectures from Kathleen Blee and Michael Kimmel are now available online.

Next Steps in Gender Analysis of Far-right Extremism

Professor Kathleen M. Blee

Decades of scholarship show that gender matters in far-right extremism.  And we are getting close to understanding the specific ways that gender shapes how people join, leave, and operate in far-right extremist groups and movements.  In this talk, I examine the state of the field, suggesting avenues of inquiry that are becoming exhausted and proposing next steps for scholars of gender and the far-right.

Blee's lecture starts at 4.30

Angry White Men: Masculinity on the Extreme Right 

Professor Michael Kimmel

Based on in-depth interviews with ex-white nationalists and neo-Nazis in the United States, as well as ex-skinhead and neo-Nazis in Germany and Sweden. A gendered political psychology asks the following question: Why and how do young men join extremist movements? Understanding their experiences of entry, and their experiences in the movement, we can better understand how to help them get out.

Kimmel's lecture starts at 38.15


Professor Katrine Fangens comments on the lectures and questions from the audience starts from 1.16.19


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