The Non-Party Sector of the Far-Right

This two-day conference aims to explore, in a workshop format, various aspects of the far-right outside of political parties.

This conference will bring together both early careers and more well-established scholars in the field to share their work, and provide an opportunity for feedback from some of the field's top scholars. 


Wednesday June 29

9: 15-9: 45 Coffee

9: 45-10: 15 Welcome by Anders Ravik Jupskås and the director of the Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies, Guri Hjeltnes

10.15-12: 15 Session 1: Far-Right Movement / Party Relations


  • Manes Weisskircher and Katrine Fangen - The transnationalization of nationalism? Transnational practices and strategic evaluations among the far right
  • Anna Lavizzari - Anti-gender Movements and Far-Right Parties in Comparative Perspective
  • Anita Nissen - 'It is not Paludan, who throws rocks and burns cars': The Danish Far Right's Response to the Actions of Rasmus Paludan
  • Antonis Ellinas - Mobilizing against the far right: The outcomes of anti-far right protests in Greece

12: 15-13.30 Lunch

13.30-15: 00 Session 2: Far-Right Movement Mobilization

Chair: Anders Ravik Jupskås

  • Pietro Castelli Gattinara and Andrea Pirro - Movement Parties of the Far Right: Organization, Processes, and Mobilization
  • Tamta Gelashvili - Political opportunities for the far right in Ukraine
  • Iris Beau Segers, Cristina Elsa Fernandez Gjelsten, Pietro Castelli Gattinara, and Anders Ravik Jupskås - From picket to parliament: The blurring boundaries between far-right party politics and grassroots mobilization in Germany and Spain  

15: 15-15: 45 Summary of the day by Cas Mudde

16: 00-17: 15 Visit the Holocaust Center's permanent exhibition and temporary exhibition: “In / Visible: Everyday racism in Norway”

17:15 Walk to Bygdøynes ferry port (25-minute walk)

19:00 Dinner 

Thursday June 30

9.30-10.15 Introductory remarks by Michael Minkenberg

10: 15-10: 30 Coffee Break

10.30-12: 00 Session 3: The Far-Right and Media


  • Caterina Froio and Pietro Castelli Gattinara - When the far right makes the news: Protest characteristics and media coverage of far-right mobilizations in Europe
  • Ofra Klein - How social media influences online political mobilization: The role of technological opportunities in shaping the radical right online
  • Audrey Gagnon - Far-Right Virtual Communities: Exploring Users and Uses of Far-Right Alternative Media

12: 00-13: 15 Lunch

13: 15-14: 45 Session 4: Far-Right Social Movement Organizations

Chair: Manès Weisskircher

  • Anders Ravik Jupskås - Members of the counter-jihad movement: The case of Stop Islamization of Norway (SIAN)
  • Katherine Kondor - "A voice for the working class": Becoming an English Defense League supporter
  • Sabine Volk - Explaining PEGIDA's "Strange Survival": An Ethnographic Approach to Far-Right Protest Rituals

14: 45-15: 00 Coffee Break

15: 00-16: 30 Session 5: Far-Right Subcultures and Influencers

Chair: Katherine Kondor

  • Graham Macklin - Extremist publishing houses and far-right cultural production
  • Eviane Leidig - Branding Hate: Far-right Female Influencers in India and North America
  • Bharath Ganesh - Hygiene and Virility in the Making of Stormfront's fascist virtual community         

16: 45-17: 15 Summary of the day by Kathleen Blee

17:15 Walk to Bygdøynes ferry port (25-minute walk)

18:30 Dinner 


Special Guests:

Kathleen Blee is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and the Bailey Dean of the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences and the College of General Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. A highly productive scholar, Kathleen has published 7 books and over 100 journal articles and book chapters. Much of her scholarship is based on analysis of her up-close ethnographic observations and interviews with white supremacists in the United States. Her work has won many awards, and she was awarded the lifetime achievement award from the Section on Collective Behavior and Social Movements of the American Sociological Association. Her research has been supported by an array of philanthropic institutions and federal agencies. Blee is an advisory board member of C-REX. 

Image may contain: Forehead, Dress shirt, Collar, Sleeve, Official.Michael Minkenberg  is professor of political science at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). His research interests include the radical right in liberal democracies; immigration, nationalism and the politics of citizenship; and the relationship between religion and politics in Western societies. He is a member of the Standing Group "Extremism and Democracy" in the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR). He is a member of the editorial board of the journal "Comparative European Poitics", and an advisory board member of C-REX.


Cas Mudde is the Stanley WadeShelton UGAF Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia and a Professor II at C-REX. His primary research agenda is build around the crucial question: How can liberal democracies defend themselves against extremist challenges without undermining their own core values? Building upon an earlier developed typology of extremist challenges to liberal democracy, which distinguishes between the aims and means of the challengers, I aim to answer this question from both an empirical and normative perspective, looking for as well as developing 'best practices.'



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