NEXT Seminar:

This seminar is for members of the Network for young researchers on extremism - NEXT.

We invite members of Network for young researchers on extremism (NEXT) to our upcoming seminar on June 19th, at the Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies (HL-senteret) in Oslo.

Based on our discussion at the last seminar in November, the upcoming NEXT seminar in June will focus on conducting and disseminating research on extremism, focusing in particular on the risks and obstacles for the researcher. During the seminar, we will discuss a range of issues from collecting sensitive information, to dissemination of results through research publications and mainstream media, as well as dealing with (negative) reactions from those we study and others. The aim of the seminar is to exchange perspectives and learn from each other’s experiences, in order to safely and effectively conduct and disseminate research on extremism (and related controversial topics). 

If you would like to join the seminar, but have not yet received an invitation by email, please contact Birgitte P. Haanshuus Deadline for signing up is May 31st. 



Network for young researchers on extremism - NEXT
Published Feb. 13, 2019 10:14 AM - Last modified May 7, 2019 9:28 AM