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Cas Mudde presents the edited volume "Youth and the Extreme Right" on this first Academic Seminar for Autumn 2016.

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Welcome to our first conference on the Extreme Right, Hate Crime and Political Violence!

Extreme right violence and beliefs remain a challenge for liberal democracies across the globe. Several hundred people have been killed by right-wing extremists in Europe since 1990. Conspiracy theories and ethnic prejudices are widespread. Islamophobia and anti-Semitism are on the rise in most European countries. The contemporary “refugee-crisis” in Europe, transnational activism online, and boosting legitimacy of certain extreme right narratives may reinforce some of these trends.  

This cross-disciplinary conference brings together scholars from political science, criminology, anthropology, history and sociology, psychology and media studies. By combining micro-level studies of relational motives and ideas about legitimacy, meso-level studies of local responses to forced migration and macro-level studies of factors influencing levels of militant activity, we aim to understand the complexity of historical and contemporary right-wing extremism.

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Can political psychological scholarship improve understanding and policies?

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Which ethical dilemmas and limitations are present in research on contemporary extremism?

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How to explain the increasing support to anti-muslim and islamophobic groups, and is this a transnational phenomena?

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Many claims are being made about the relationship between extremism and the media, particularly in relation to the contribution of the internet and social media to the aims of radical groups. To what extent, however, do such claims hold up to critical scrutiny?

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Mona Abdel-Fadil presents her research on Facebook in this Academic Seminar.

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Therese Sandrup and Nerina Weiss, both from FFI, will present their latest research in the project Searching the unknown: discourses and effects of preventing radicalization in Scandinavia (RADISKAN).

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What impact has technology on the process of radicalisation?


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To what extent do Norwegian extreme right groups use social media and what do they use social media for?

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Across the Western world political, policing and intelligence officials have repeatedly asserted that the cohort of individuals ‘at risk’ of radicalisation to violent extremism is getting younger.

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It is time for a fourth wave, which more explicitly acknowledges and theorizes the diversity within the far right party family, and goes beyond the paradigm of the outsider-challenger party.