The aftermath of the European election

What will be the final outcome of the European election and how will this affect Norway? Prominent researchers, journalists and politicians will discuss this during our event at Arendalsuka. 

Bildet kan inneholde: samfunnet.

Illustration: European Parliament, Ap, Høyre, Morgenbladet, ARENA, UiO


What is the status two months after the European elections? What is likely to be the final results in terms of both policy and a new leadership of the EU?

Populists increased their support, but do they gain power? The Greens and the Liberals increased too and gained importance, while the Social Democrats and the Conservatives declined in support. 

What does this mean for Europe - and for Norway (and the EEA Agreement)?


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Publisert 9. aug. 2019 11:13 - Sist endret 31. okt. 2019 11:50