NORMS student grant

ARENA is looking for a student who is interested in writing an MA thesis on a theme related to international norms in deportation.

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Deporting Foreigners: Contested Norms in International Practice (NORMS) explores international norms in deportation, including both host and origin state perspectives through a comparative analysis of Norway, Sweden, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Ethiopia.

The project is run by the Institute for Social Research and more information can be found on the project website.


  • Prior enrolment in an MA-programme and meet the academic progress requirements of that programme
  • Strong command of the Norwegian language
  • Write an MA thesis in English or Norwegian
  • Supervisor from the NORMS project
  • Submit the thesis during the spring term 2023

How to apply

The application should include:

Letter of motivation, indicating why and how you intend to address the project (1-2 pages)

CV, including information on current studies and references

Copies of transcripts from BA and MA

A sample of your written work, such as a seminar paper or bachelor thesis. 

Submit the application by email to Ida Hjelmesæth.

Application deadline: 
16 October 2022


Evaluation and selection criteria

We wish to attract students holding high academic standards. We will give preference to applicants with a combination of: good grades, a convincing letter of motivation, and proficiency in English and Norwegian writing and speaking.

Rights and duties

The following duties will apply to you as a student:

  • Finish your MA thesis within the outlined time frame
  • Contribute to relevant ARENA and NORMS activities during your time at ARENA, including ARENA’s regular Tuesday seminars
  • Have a NORMS researcher as supervisor

Your rights as a student at ARENA are:

  • Supervision by a researcher from the NORMS team
  • Grant of NOK 20,000 paid directly by ISF
  • Work place at ARENA
  • Publication of your MA thesis in the ARENA report series (subject to an assessment by the ARENA Director).


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