Flernivåstaten og krisehåndtering - En kommentar

In a new article in Nordisk Administrativ Tidsskrift, Jarle Trondal discusses challenges and opportunities of coordination across levels of governance.

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The article discusses opportunities and challenges related to co-ordination across governance levels. The challenge is at least threefold: partly related to the balance between continuity and change, specifically the ability of public administration to balance a stable core while adjusting, updating and reforming; partly the balance between efficiency and legitimacy, more precisely the ability to solve short-term problems in the face of crises and long-term challenges related to legitimate solutions in general and parliamentary anchoring specifically; partly the dilemma between political-administrative order in turbulent times, specifically how public institutions deal with crises and difficult problems when the relationships between problem and solution are difficult to understand and challenging to control. The article discusses these dilemmas in what is presented as a European multilevel administrative state..

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Jarle Trondal
Flernivåstaten og krisehåndtering - En kommentar

Nordisk Administrativt Tidsskrift, 2022, 99(2), 1-22.
DOI: 10.7577/nat.4968

Published Aug. 8, 2022 11:00 AM - Last modified Aug. 8, 2022 11:00 AM