Administrative structures of multilevel governance

Jarle Trondal has published a chapter on administrative structures in the new book A research agenda for multilevel governance.

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About the book

This Research Agenda provides a broad and comprehensive overview of the field of multilevel governance. Illustrating theoretical and normative approaches and identifying prevailing gaps in research, it offers a cutting-edge agenda for future investigations.

Administrative structures of multilevel governance

The chapter highlights the administrative dimension of multilevel governance. It focuses on administration beyond the state and shows how administrative systems at different levels of authority are intertwined in the pursuit of executive governance. Its main ambition is to outline a conceptual framework which takes administration as a part of political order, a relatively stable arrangement of institutions that are fairly formalized. A political order, moreover, entails that relevant institutions (i) are formally independent of other institutions, (ii) are relatively integrated and cohesive, and (iii) reasonably able to influence governance processes within other institutions. Taken together, the chapter makes a plea for public administration scholarship to the study of political order generally and multilevel governance in particular, as it suggests putting more emphasis on the administrative dimension in research on multilevel governance.

Full info

Jarle Trondal
Administrative Structures for Multilevel Governance

In: A Research Agenda for Multilevel Governance
Arthur Benz, Jörg Broschek, and Wilfrid Laurier (eds)

Edward Elgar Publishing (2021)
ISBN: 978 1 78990 836 7
DOI: 10.4337/9781789908374.00010

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