Public Administration, Turbulence, and the European Union

Jarle Trondal has published a new article in The Oxford Encyclopedia of European Union Politics.

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In a multilevel governance system such as the European Union (EU) policy processes at one level may create challenges and dilemmas at lower levels. Multilevel governance involves a multiplicity of regulatory regimes and succeeding governance ambiguities for national actors. These regulatory challenges and ensuring governance dilemmas increasingly affect contemporary European public administration. These challenges and dilemmas are captured by the term turbulence. The inherent state prerogative to formulate and implement public policy is subject to an emergent and turbulent EU administration. Organized turbulence is captured by the supply of independent and integrated bureaucratic capacities at a “European level.”

Throughout history (1952 onwards) the EU system has faced shifting hostile and uncertain environments and responded by erecting turbulent organizational solutions of various kinds. Studying turbulence opens an opportunity to rethink governance in turbulent administrative systems such as the public administration of the EU.

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Jarle Trondal
Public Administration, Turbulence, and The European Union

In: The Oxford Encyclopedia of European Union Politics
Finn Laursen (ed.)

Oxford University Press (2021)
DOI: 10.1093/acrefore/9780190228637.013.187

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