Expertise and participation: Institutional designs for policy development in Europe

Eva Krick has published the book Expertise and Participation,  which deals with the role of expertise and public participation in modern governance. 

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This book deals with the role of expertise and public participation in modern governance. It explores the relationship, tensions and compatibility of these increasingly important and partly conflicting sources of legitimacy and authority. By zooming in on the coordinated procedures of environmental policy-making in European consensus systems and by interconnecting theories of democracy, knowledge and science, organisation and decision-making, the author develops institutional solutions to the tensions between epistemic and democratic demands on public policy-making.  


1. Introduction

2. Methodology, Theory and Context

3. The Cases

4. Participant Selection Modes for Policy-Developing Collectives

5. Stopping Rules in Political Settings

6. Mechanisms of Institutional Coupling

7. Lessons for Democratic Governance

Full info 

Eva Krick
Expertise and Participation: Institutional Designs for Policy Development in Europe

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021
ISBN: 978-3-030-75329-0

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