The Politics of Crisis in Europe

This insightful analysis by Mai'a K. Davis Cross explores the patterns seen in the three major existential crises that have affected the resilience of the European Union in the first few years of the twenty-first century. Using a comparative framework, it will appeal to scholars in political science, sociology, international relations, communications, and media studies.

The Politics of Crisis in Europe explores the resilience of the European Union in the face of repeated crises perceived to threaten its very existence. While it is often observed after the fact that these crises serve as opportunities for integration, this is the first critical analysis to suggest that we cannot fully understand the nature and severity of these crises without recognising the role of societal reaction to events and the nature of social narratives about crisis, especially those advanced by the media. Through a close examination of the 2003 Iraq crisis, the 2005 constitutional crisis, and the 2010–12 Eurozone crisis, this book identifies a pattern across these episodes, demonstrating how narratives about crises provide the means to openly air underlying societal tensions that would otherwise remain under the surface, impeding further integration.

Table of Contents

1. A Europe of crises
2. Explaining existential crises
3. The Iraq crisis
4. The constitutional treaty crisis
5. The Eurozone crisis
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The Politics of Crisis in Europe
Mai'a K. Davis Cross

Cambridge University Press, 2017
ISBN: 9781107147836

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