The EU in Search of its Legitimation

Erik O. Eriksen has published the article 'Regional Cosmopolitanism: The EU in Search of its Legitimation' in the Open Access journal European Journal of Futures Research.

The article is part of the Topical Collection on The Future of Europe, guest-edited by Markus Pausch.


What could be the legitimation basis of the European Union (EU)? This article questions the idea of two constitution-making subjects in the EU and claim there is and can only be one constituting subject even in a multilevel configuration like the EU. The EU can thus not be seen as a federation of nation states. Rather it must be seen as a quasi-federation of states and citizens united under a common legal framework with a universalistic underpinning. The EU’s commitment to basic human principles means that it has a communal vocation that is broader and more universal than that of a multinational federation.

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Erik O. Eriksen
'Regional Cosmopolitanism: The EU in Search of its Legitimation'

European Journal of Futures Research, 2:51, 4 December 2014, Vol.2(1), pp.1-9
DOI: 10.1007/s40309-014-0051-8

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