Democracy, Deliberation and Dissent

Political Studies has produced a special online issue on 'Democracy, Deliberation and Dissent' with free access for 12 months. The issue brings together the most interesting work currently underway in the field and includes an article by Olsen and Trenz.


From the introduction to the issue

'This is the second time that Political Studies has produced a Special Online Issue. This is a format which enables us to draw together a set of thematically-related papers and to present them to our readers more quickly than would otherwise be possible and with completely free access for 12 months. All of these papers have been subject to just the same processes of refereeing, editorial oversight, proof-reading and publisher's preparation as any other papers published with the journal's imprimatur. They are just being made more freely available and brought together around a specific theme.

The theme of this special online issue is ‘Democracy, Deliberation and Dissent’. Some of the papers focus on the traditional areas of parliaments, parties and elections (Garry; Tenscher and Mykkänen; Walter; Wauters). Others develop various aspects of deliberative democracy (Crespy; Friberg-Fernros and Karlsson Schaffer; Olsen and Trenz). The rest of the papers address issues around citizenship and participation (Dinesen et al.; Quintelier and van Deth), political consumerism (Copeland) and the contested role of expertise in democratic regimes (Moore).

Together, they represent a cross-section of the most interesting work currently underway in this vibrant sub-field of the discipline.'

From citizens' deliberation to popular will formation

Espen D. H. Olsen and Hans-Jörg Trenz' article 'From Citizens' Deliberation to Popular Will Formation? Generating Democratic Legitimacy in Transnational Deliberative Polling' critically discusses the democratic legitimacy of deliberative experiments taking place in a transnational setting. More information.

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Special Issue: Online Only Supplement on Democracy, Deliberation and Dissent
Political Studies, Vol. 62, Issue Supplement S1, 2014, pp. 1–201

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