Accountability and Ambiguity

Johan P. Olsen has contributed to The Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability, edited by Mark Bovens, Robert E. Goodin and Thomas Schillemans, with the chapter 'Accountability and Ambiguity'.

About the book

The Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability provides a state of the art overview of recent scholarship on public accountability. It collects, consolidates, and integrates an upsurge of inquiry currently scattered across many disciplines and sub-disciplines. It provides a one-stop-shop on the subject, not only for academics who study accountability, but also for practitioners who are designing, adjusting, or struggling with mechanisms for accountable governance.

Accountability and Ambiguity

Olsens main argument in his chapter 'Accountability and Ambiguity' is that mainstream accountability theory reduces its own area by not taking ambiguity seriously enough. Theorizing accountability, he states, requires "going beyond the dominant concern in the literature organized around compliance and control: to detect and measure deviance from authoritative orders, rules, standards and contracts; to discipline unruly agents and make them comply, thereby solving the problems of the principals".

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Johan P. Olsen
'Accountability and Ambiguity'

In: The Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability, Mark Bovens, Robert E. Goodin and Thomas Schillemans (eds).

Oxford University Press, 2014.
ISBN: 978-0-19-964125-3

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