The Arctic Contested

John Erik Fossum and Keith Battarbee are the editors of the new volume The Arctic Contested. The region has become increasingly significant as a result of global climate change.

In recent decades, and in particular as a result of global climate change, the significance of the Arctic has radically shifted, from a remote periphery to a region of intensifying political and academic interest and of conflicting interests.

This collection of texts examines in particular how national and international politics and law impact on Arctic governance, communications and indigenous rights; and in parallel, explores perceptions and experiences of the North in literature and the dramatic arts. The book thus offers a platform for cross-disciplinary dialogue, in order to highlight that the Arctic is too multi-faceted and complex for any one discipline or approach adequately to encompass.

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The Arctic Contested
Keith Battarbee and John Erik Fossum (eds)

Peter Lang, 2014
ISBN: 978-2-87574-206-3

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