The Normativity of the European Union

Erik O. Eriksen has published a new book with Palgrave entitled The Normativity of the European Union. He explains European integration with reference to normative 'musts'.

Reconstructing the integration process with a view to the Eurozone crisis, Eriksen provides an insight into the conditions for integration and the nature of the EU.

The book offers a novel account of what has made European integration possible based on a pragmatist approach. The force of reasons in legally organized orders constitutes the core component of this approach. Eriksen identifies the main reasons for European integration as imperatives – as normative musts. The book explains why further integration has become a moral duty and why there is an expectation that the EU should be democratic. A novel model of the EU as a nonstate government premised on a set of democratic innovations is suggested. This model, which has a cosmopolitan underpinning, is in line with changes in international relations brought about by the integration process; the conditioning of sovereignty upon the respect of democracy and human rights.

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The Normativity of the European Union
Erik O. Eriksen

Palgrave Macmillan, 2014
ISBN: 9781137391445

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