Book Review: The Future of Feminism

Cathrine Holst has published a book review of Sylvia Wallby's 'The Future of Feminism' in Acta Sociologica.

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The women’s movement is not what it used to be. In a country like Norway, a movement of several thousand members during the 1970s has been reduced to half a dozen organizations with a few hundred members. Add to this the mantra that ideologies – feminism and other isms – are dead, and polls showing that many people think gender equality has been achieved or gone too far. What then is left of feminism?

A lot, if we are to believe British sociology professor Sylvia Walby in her recent book 'The Future of Feminism'. Having authored a range of influential books on related topics since the 1980s, Walby delivers an impressive synthesis of her engagement with sociological research, social theory, gender studies and feminism in the past thirty years, and a thought-provoking statement of what feminism is today and where it will go – and should go – in the future.

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Cathrine Holst
'Book Review: The Future of Feminism'


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