The Agency Phenomenon in the European Union

Jarle Trondal has edited the volume 'The Agency Phenomenon in the European Union: Emergence, institutionalisation and everyday decision-making' with Madalina Busuioc and Martijn Groenleer.

About the book

This volume offers a comprehensive analysis of the agency phenomenon in the European Union. It takes stock of the emergence and development of EU agencies, providing insight into the characteristics as well as the consequences of the ongoing EU agencification process. The volume traces the varied roots of and routes to agency emergence and institutionalisation. It also analyses everyday decision-making processes within EU-level agencies, notably the management of such agencies, their role in the creation of network structures in European executive governance and in the implementation of EU legislation at the member state level, and the varied sources of agency accountability. The ambition of this volume is to offer an even-handed assessment and explanation of agency creation, design, and evolution at the EU level.

The chapters include:

  • 'Introducing the phenomenon of European Union agencies' by editors Busuioc, Groenleer and Trondal.
  • 'Building executive power at the European level: on the role of EU-level agencies' by ARENA researchers Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal and former PhD fellow at ARENA Maria Martens.
  • 'Executive power in the making: the establishment of the European Chemicals Agency' by former PhD fellow at ARENA Maria Martens.

Full info

Jarle Trondal, Madalina Busuioc and Martijn Groenleer (eds)
The Agency Phenomenon in the European Union
Emergence, institutionalisation and everyday decision-making

2012 Manchester University Press, 208 pages
ISBN: 978-0-7190-8554-3

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