The Arctic is Hot - part II

John Erik Fossum and Stéphane Roussel have published a special issue of International Journal called 'The Arctic is Hot - part II. Moving above and below the state: Actors and issues'.


Moving above and below the state: Actors and issues by John Erik Fossum & Stéphane Roussel

i. Issues

  • 'Arctic shipping routes: From the Panama myth to reality' by Frédéric Lasserre
  • 'Submarines, oil tankers, and icebreakers: Trying to understand Canadian Arctic sovereignty and security' by Rob Huebert
  • 'The (Arctic) show must go on: Natural resource craze and national identity in Arctic politics' by Geneviève King Ruel
  • 'Environmental security in the Arctic: The case for multilevel governance' by Olav Schram Stokke

ii. The European Union and the Arctic

  • 'Breaking the ice: The European Union and the Arctic' by Steffen Weber & Iulian Romanyshyn
  • 'The EU in the Arctic: In pursuit of legitimacy and influence' by Kristine Offerdal

iii. Civil society

  • 'Canadian Inuit: Where we have been and where we are going' by Mary Simon
  • 'The promises and challenges of indigenous self-determination: The Sami case' by Else Grete Broderstad
  • 'The Inuit Circumpolar Council in an era of global and local change' by Gary N. Wilson & Heather A. Smith

iv. Subnational governments

  • 'The Arctic of the regions: Between indigenous peoples and subnational entities - Which perspectives?' by Antoine Dubreuil
  • 'The other sovereignties: Québec and the Arctic' by Stéphane Roussel & Jean-François Payette
  • 'Greenland at the crossroads: What strategy for the Arctic?' by Marc Auchet
  • 'An Alaskan perspective: The relationship between the US and Canada in the Arctic' by Diddy R. M. Hitchins

Over the transom

  • 'Turkey and the west: The rise of Turkey-centric westernism' by Tarık Oğuzlu
  • 'Resettling the West Bank settlers' by Brent E. Sasley & Mira Sucharov

The lessons of history

  • 'Are there lessons to be drawn from the “lessons of history”?' by John English

Blasts from the past

  • 'Forgotten Partnership at 20-something' by Greg Anderson

Coming attractions

  • 'Dealing with Diefenbaker: Canada-US relations in 1958' by Asa McKercher


  • Dawn Alexandrea Berry on Shelagh D. Grant’s Polar Imperative
  • Jack Cunningham on G. John Ikenberry’s Liberal Leviathan & Julian E. Zelizer, ed., The Presidency of George W. Bush
  • James Eldin Reed on Anatol Lieven’s Pakistan
  • Kari Roberts on John J. Mearsheimer’s Why Leaders Lie

Index 2010-11

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Moving above and below the state: Actors and issues

by John Erik Fossum & Stéphane Roussel

International Journal Volume LXVI No 4 Autumn 2011.

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