Bologna in Context

Åse Gornitzka has published the article 'Bologna in Context: a horizontal perspective on the dynamics of governance sites for a Europe of Knowledge' in a special issue of European Journal of Education called 'Ten Years of the Bologna Process - "What Future"?'


This article presents a horizontal perspective on the dynamics of governance sites currently active for the Europe of Knowledge and places the Bologna process in this wider European level context. It introduces two dynamics of change in political organisation: a) institutional differentiation and specialisation and b) the interaction between institutional spheres and sectors. Signs of sectoral differentiation are identified in the history of European integration that is relevant to the Europe of Knowledge.

The argument is that the nature and sequence of the differentiation process are key to understand current governance processes. It is illustrated by showing how a horizontal dynamics has been played out in the case of the EU's Lisbon strategy and in particular the cooperation taking place in the framework of the EU's “Education and Training 2010” work programme.

The analysis shows how the Bologna process, although perpetuated as a sector internal governance site, has co-evolved and interacted with this strategy, partly as an object of emulation and source of support and partly as a competing governance site.

A horizontal dynamics of change is also evident in the larger Lisbon strategy as it lifted research and higher education policy to the centre of the European integration project. It resulted in the development of several governance sites with different foci targeting European higher education. A more prominent place on the political agenda came together with demands that research and education should be integrated with the overall political and economic objectives of the EU.

Published Dec. 14, 2010 3:52 PM - Last modified Apr. 13, 2011 4:20 PM