Towards Finality? A preliminary assessment of the achievements of the European Convention

This paper assesses the preliminary achievements as well as the potential of the Convention installed to draw a framework for the future of the European Union.

ARENA Working Paper 04/2003 (pdf)

Ben Crum

After consecutive treaty amendments during the 1990s, the EU looks set for a conclusive revision through the process embodied by the Convention. Is the EU approaching what Joscka Fischer has coined the finality of European integration? This paper discusses the prelimininary results as well as the potential of the Convention process. Having defined the formulation of a Constitutional Treaty as its desired end produce, the Convention may lead to a revolutionary revision of the EU. The paper presents some of the central schemes hitherto discussed in the Convention and discusses the usfulness of its procedures in light of the stated aim. It is argued here that a fundamental achievement of the Convention has been to forge a consensus on which to lead further deliberations. Furthermore, the well-founded working order - from technical issues via competences to institutional order and balance - has given the Convention a forward momentum likely to carry it through the final and contentious points. The end result may well be a Constitutional Treaty for Europe.

Tags: European Convention, constitution building, treaty reform, Constitution for Europe
Published Nov. 9, 2010 10:52 AM