2002 - Page 2

This paper seeks to analyse relations between Norway and the EU in the double framework of globalisation and liberalisation. As argued in the paper, the EU itself as well as Norway's participation through the EEA may be seen as a promotion of as well as a defence against liberalist, globalising forces. The paper attempts to account for Norwegian EU adaptation in the light of its general pattern of globalisation.

ARENA Working Paper 29/2002 (html)

Dag Harald Claes and John Erik Fossum

The European Commission, in some ways more similar to a national government than to international institutions, is the object of scrutiny in this paper. On the basis of contrasting theoretical perspectives, the importance of nationality to Commission proceedings is considered; the paper finds the organizational perspective to offer particularly valuable insights in this area.

ARENA Working Paper 30/2002 (html)

Morten Egeberg

From a starting point of relatively clear-cut division of competence between national and supra-national administration, the governing of the EU has incrementally turned towards multi-level adminstraion, characterised by the blurring of previous administrative borders. This paper discusses this development in the form of emerging networks around EU agencies in different sectors.

ARENA Working Paper 31/2002 (html)

Edoardo Chiti