ARENA Working Papers 1994-2000 - Page 7

This paper discusses the transformation of hitherto nationally defined spaces of law and politics. In the study of evolving system of multilevel governance, it is argued, new inroads must be found - focusing more on communicative aspects than ancient categories of jurisdiction.

ARENA Working Paper 29/1997 (html)

Inger Johanne Sand

This paper accounts for constitutional design in a historical perspective, bringing to light the limited practical merits of a range of political thinkers. Nevertheless, it is argued, political theorists have a lot to offer constitutional debates, particularly so to counteract judicial and comparative overweight with fresh ideas.

ARENA Working Paper 26/1997 (html)

Robert Goodin

This paper accounts for the dynamics of the EU's Common Commercial Policy (CCP). With the Commission acting as agent in international trading regimes, it is clear that intergovernmentalism does not fully capture its role. In this paper we are presented with a refined version of Putnam's two level bargaining to better conceive of CCP processes.

ARENA Working Paper 13/1997 (html)

Finn Ola Jølstad

What are the organisational logics underpinning relations between the national level and the EU? This paper illuminates EU-nation-state dynamics by contrasting the EEA affiliation of Norway to full-fledged membership membership. Where the latter is characterised by equilibrium between sectoral and territorial concerns (Commission vs. Council), the Norwegian case is somewhat different.

ARENA Working Paper 21/1997 (html)

Morten Egeberg and Jarle Trondal