The German-Polish Border Region. A Case of Regional Integration?

This paper accounts for post-1990 developments in the relationship between Germany and Poland. In particular, it questions whther a sort of regional partnership may be developing across the historically contested border.

ARENA Working Paper 19/1997 (html)

Jorunn Sem Fure

The article presents some reflections around the current regional development in the German-Polish border region. One aim is to ask what the concept of Europeanisation means to the political actors involved, and what implications it might have. Another is to analyse the preconditions for a regional integration across the earlier disputed and controversial Oder-Neisse border. Different models of border regions are discussed, and conditions for a future development presented. We also consider the historical relations between Germany and Poland as well as contemporary political and economic structures. In particular, we draw focus to political changes - in the bi-national relationship as well as internally in each of the two countries.

Tags: Poland, political culture, Germany, closer cooperation, positive integration, history
Published Nov. 9, 2010 10:52 AM