ARENA Reports 2010

Contesting the EU Budget in the Media and Parilaments of the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland

In ARENA Report 06/10, Pieter de Wilde investigates how politicisation affects European integration by an in-depth empirical case study of EU budget debates in the media and parliaments of the Netherlands, Denmark and Ireland

National interest organizations and their ability to establish and make use of a common EU-level platform

In ARENA Report 05/10, Mathias Johannessen investigates how national interest organizations adapt to changing forms of governance at the European level

The Impact of EU Enlargement

ARENA Report 04/10 edited by Magdalena Góra and Zdzisław Mach brings together contributions on the changing nature of collective identity formation processes in the enlarged and enlarging Europe.

Proceedings from the RECON Midterm Conference

ARENA Report 03/10 presents a collection of the papers and comments from the first day of the RECON midterm conference in 2009, edited by Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum.

The role of agencies in the European administrative system

In ARENA Report 02/10, Maria Martens explore the transformation of the European executive order by considering the role of agencies. To what extent, how and why do agencies at different levels of government enhance administrative integration in the EU?

In ARENA Report 01/10, Anne Elizabeth Stie seeks to to evaluate the EU’s co-decision procedure for its putative democratic qualities, and to contribute to the operationalisation of deliberative democracy by developing an analytical framework/evaluative scheme that can be applied to co-decision in particular and to public policy-making procedures in general.